Percakapan Inggris Indonesia Going to the Beach

Percakapan Inggris Indonesia saat pergi berwisata ke pantai atau going to the beach ini adalah contoh bagaimana beberapa orang berlatih menggunakan bahasa inggris saat wisata ke pantai. Anda bisa mempelajarinya dan coba mempraktekkan percakapan inggris indonesiadibawah ini sebagai referensi jika Anda ingin pergi ke pantai bersama teman-teman kursus bahasa inggris Anda dan berlatih disana.

Contoh Percakapan Inggris Indonesia – Going to the Beach

Let’s Go Swim, Gisel!
(Candra, Lela, Haris, and Gisel having fun on the beach to spend their vacation)
Candra : Alright! Has everyone changed clothes? Are you all ready to feel the sea water, Guys?
Lela : Yess! Yahoo!
Haris : Yeaah! Let’s goooo! ….Huh?? Wait a second… Are you not going to swim with us, Gisel?
Gisel : Um… I think I’m not swimming with you, Guys. It has been fun sitting on the shore like this while watching the beauty of the sea from afar.
Lela : What is the matter, Gisel? Are you going to spend the whole time just by sitting under the parasol?
percakapan inggris indonesia going to the beach

Gisel : No, it’s okay, Guys. Just leave me and go get the fun on the water!
Lela : Oh! I see…. You’re not going to swim with us because you’re afraid of your skin getting dark by the sun, aren’t you?
Haris : Come on, Gisel. So, what is the point of having fun on the beach then?
Candra : That is no fun, Gisel. Look at that! Even little children and old people are having fun on the water.
Gisel : Umm…tee hee hee… I’m sorry, Guys. Actually, I just had my skin’s beautification treatments on a beauty salon yesterday. If I go to swim under the sun like this I can ruin all of the treatments. Please don’t mind me, Guys. You are wasting your fun time by talking to me.
Lela : Come on, Gisel. You don’t even move an inch from under this big parasol. How come you say that you’re having fun with that?
Gisel : Um…. Okay! Look, while you are swimming I can have fun with this sand by making some sand castles, right?
Haris : You don’t bring tools to make the sand castles, Gisel. I think it would be impossible for you to make the sand castles by only using your girly hands.
Lela : You’re so mean, Haris! Building up sand castles is easy for me!
Candra : You have applied some sun screen lotion on your skin, haven’t you? That would be strong enough to protect your skin from the sunlight. Let’s go, Gisel.
Gisel : Um, I think the lotion’s protection doesn’t last long. So, sitting here is the best choice for me.
Haris : Alright, Gisel! Do as you wish. Come on, Guys. I think it’s no good to persuade her out.
Lela : Um… Gisel. Can you see him?
Gisel : Huh? Who? …. Oh My! That is Weldy! What is he doing on this beach?
Lela : He is going to swim as well. Why don’t you go to swim then?
Gisel : Fine! I’m coming with you into the water!
Lela : Great! Now change your clothes!
Candra : Huh??? What is happening??
Haris : Gisel really likes Weldy. Gisel will definitely go to swim with Weldy around.
Candra : Oh, I see… Alright, let’s go, Everyone!

Glossaries (kosa kata) Percakapan Inggris Indonesia – Going to the Beach

Have fun = bersenang-senang
Spend = menghabiskan
Wait a second = tunggu sebentar
Shore = tepi pantai
From afar = dari kejauhan
What is the matter? = ada apa? Ada masalah apa?
Whole time = sepanjang waktu
Parasol = payung pelindung sinar matahari
Go get the fun! = pergilah bersenang-senang!
What is the point… = Apa intinya…
That is no fun = itu tidak menyenangkan
Skin’s beautification treatment = perawatan mempercantik kulit
Beauty salon = salon kecantikan
Ruin = menjatuhkan, menghancurkan
Please, don’t mind me = Tolong, jangan pikirkan aku
Move an inch = bergerak sedikit pun
How come = bagaimana bisa
Sand castle = istana pasir
Mean = jahat, kejam
Build up = membangun
Apply (something) on = mengoleskan sesuatu ke
Sun screen lotion = losion tabir surya
Last long = bertahan lama
Do as you wish! = lakukanlah apa yang kamu mau!
No good = tidak ada gunanya
Persuade out = mengajaknya
What is happening? = apa yang sedang terjadi?

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