Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Kunjungan ke Kebun Binatang (Going to the Zoo)

Percakapan bahasa inggris saat berkunjung ke kebun binatang (going to the zoo) ini adalah contoh bagaimana mengenal hewan, perilaku dan habitatnya di kebun binatang dalam bahasa inggris.

Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Kunjungan ke Kebun Binatang (Going to the Zoo) – Welcome To The Zoo!

Percakapan kunjungan ke kebun binatang

(A family consists of Father and Mother with their two children, Rendi and Hanifah going to a zoo)
Mother : Well, kids. We are inside the zoo. Which animal do you want to see first?
Hanifah : I want to see the Panda bear! Please, mom, take us to the Panda bear!
Rendi : I want to see wild birds! Especially owls and eagles!
Father : Well, let’s first see the map. Um…. I think panda bear’s lair is still far away from the entrance, and the wild birds’ cage is too. Why don’t we see other animals on our way to the panda bear’s lair and wild birds’ cage?
Mother : That’s right, Dear. There must be amazing animals along the way. Let’s go see them!
Father : Well, how about the elephants?
Rendi : Alright!
percakapan bahasa inggris going to the zoo

Hanifa : Okay then!
(At Elephant’s lair)
Hanifa : Look, Mom, Dad! That elephants are super huge! I wonder how they took these big animals into here.
Father : They worked together to take the elephants in here. They usually used heavy vehicles that carry the elephants from outside the zoo into their lair.
Rendi : Where did they come from, Father?
Father : As far as I know, they were taken from a place called game preserve. This is a kind of place that contains animals that are protected under government’s law.
Rendi : Oh… I see then.
Hanifa : Look! There are some small fruits all over the ground. People are throwing the fruits into the elephant’s mouth. Can I throw the fruits too?
Mother : You would be better not to do that, Dear. Look, can you read that? The sign says that it is forbidden to feed the animals with any foods that visitors bring.
Hanifa : Why is that, Mom?
Mother : It’s because the foods that visitors give to the animals might be unhygienic. These animals really need hygienic foods. It will prevent them from dangerous disease that can threaten their lives. Therefore, we should not feed them with anything since the caretakers of the zoo will handle the foods for them.
Hanifa : Oh, I never know that. But, those people keep feeding the elephants. I’m worried.
Father : I wish they know what they’re doing soon. The zoo’s caretakers also always patrol around the zoo to warn people who are feeding the animals.
Rendi : I wish the caretakers come here faster to scold at them.
Mother : Very well, kids. We have seen the elephants, but it’s over noon already. Are you hungry enough to have lunch?
Rendi : Yes, mom. I’m really hungry. Can we eat first before going on?
Hanifa : Me too, Mom.
Mother : Okay, Dear. Let’s have lunch first. I have made delicious foods for you all.
Father : Alright, let’s find the best spot for us to eat up our lunch!

Glossaries (kosa kata) Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Kunjungan ke Kebun Binatang (Going to the Zoo)

Consist of = Terdiri dari
Wild = liar
Owl = burung hantu
Eagle = burung elang
Lair = sarang
Entrance = pintu masuk
Along the way = sepanjang jalan
Huge = sangat besar
Wonder = heran, bertanya-tanya
Vehicle = kendaraan
As far as (I) know = sejauh yang (saya) tahu
Game preserve = suaka margasatwa
Contain = berisi
Law = hukum
All over the ground = berserakan di tanah
Sign = tanda, plang
Forbidden = dilarang
Visitor = pengunjung
Unhygienic = tidak higienis/bersih
Dangerous = berbahaya
Disease = penyakit
Threaten = mengancam
Caretaker = pengurus
Handle = menangani
Warn = memperingatkan
Scold at (someone) = memarahi (seseorang)

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