Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Indonesia Going to the Mountain

Percakapan bahasa inggris indonesia going to the mountain ini sebagai contoh latihan bahasa inggris dengan latihan langsung percakapan di tempat wisata sehingga lebih paham dan megerti maksud dari percakapan yang dilakukan.

Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Indonesia – Going to the Mountain

(Three friends; Lutfi, Beni, and Dito hiking up to the mountain pass)
Lutfi : Hey, Ben! Is the mountain pass still far from here?
Beni : Um… it seems that way. Why is the matter, Lutfi? Are you tired already?
Dito : Hey, Lutfi…. We have just started going up from the foothill a couple of minutes ago and now you are tired already? Where is your mountain hiking spirit?! This is still going to be a long way to go.
Lutfi : Hey, I didn’t say I’m tired. I just wanted to ask Beni how long approximately it will take to get to the mountain pass.Percakapan bahasa inggris indonesia going to the mountain

Beni : Well… it is 09.45 now. Um… I suppose that we would probably reach the mountain pass by midday.
Lutfi : Huh? Midday? *sigh* … I thought that it would take a shorter of time.
Beni : Ha ha ha. It’s alright, Lutfi. If we still have our spirits on, maybe we could arrive to the mountain pass faster.
Dito : That is right, Lutfi! If you keep beefing about when we will reach the mountain pass then all you get is tiredness. Why don’t you just enjoy the nature around you? Like the beautiful scenery you can see on your right and left. The fresh air you can breathe in along your way. These things can never be found in our city that is full of skyscrapers, traffic jams, and pollutions of vehicles.
Beni : That’s absolutely right! I like your statement, Dito.
Lutfi : Well… well… you all are right. Running a daily routine in a big city is really boring. I hope I could still have my energy to reach the mountain pass to see a tremendous landscape from up above there.
Beni : Right! Keep up that spirit, Lutfi! Hey… do you guys want some chocolate bars?
Dito : I want some!
Lutfi : Me too, I think some sweets would be great
Beni : Here you are… Hey, do you know the powerful energy of chocolate?
Lutfi : Huh?
Beni : Yes. Chocolate is quite good at giving energy. In mountain hiking activity like this, a chocolate bar like this big can give a big enough amount of energy to help you keep going for the next 2 hours.
Lutfi : Really?? Whoa, that is great! It means we can get more energy to reach the mountain pass by eating this sweet.
Dito : Yum… this chocolate is good and full of energy.
Beni : Very well, Guys! Let’s keep our spirits on to the mountain pass!
Lutfi : Hey, why don’t we sing along together and keep walking? Some music would be great!
Dito : Alright! Just choose one good song you like and let’s sing along!

Glossaries (kosa kata) Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Indonesia Going to the Mountain

Mountain hiking = pendakian ke gunung
Mountain pass = puncak gunung
It seems that way = sepertinya begitu
Why is the matter? = ada apa?
Foothill = kaki bukit
A couple of minutes ago = beberapa menit yang lalu
Spirit = semangat
Keep your spirit on = terus/tetaplah bersemangat
A long way to go = jalan yang jauh untuk ditempuh
Approximately = kira-kira
Midday = tengah hari
Beefing about (something) = mengeluh (mengenai sesuatu)
Tiredness = rasa lelah
Scenery, landscape = pemandangan alam
Skyscraper = gedung pencakar langit
Traffic jams = kemacetan
Pollutions of vehicles = polusi dari kendaraan
Running a daily routine = menjalakan rutinitas sehari-hari
Boring = membosankan
Tremendous = luar biasa, dahsyat
Chocolate bar = coklat batang
Sweet = makanan manis
Amount of energy = jumlah energy
For the next 2 hours = untuk 2 jam kedepan
Sing along together = menyanyi bersama

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