testimonial 5 : Mr. Junay “with english you will be something”

When I was senior high school, my english teacher said,” english is nothing but with english you will be something”, after graduated, what he said was raight, with english I could job, I could go to Bali, and I have friend from another country.and willing got girlfriend with blue eyes, blond hair, and tall, able to speak english(making better generation), those was my main purpose (please don”t tell about this to my Lovely wife from rain city, it,s only my old dream). I think if we want to be able to speak english, we have to use the power of love, the first time I learnt it, some friends said I was crazy, but I don”t care, I kept learning, Althought with Java dialect.Learning by doing, learning by teaching, it,s very effective to improve our english.

Good luck, I love english and my family
Mr. Junay

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