Surat Permintaan Maaf Dalam Bahasa Inggris

sebagaimana manusia salah kepada seseorang tidak bisa dielakkan tapi yang penting kita minta maaf kalau perlu tulis surat permintaan maaf dalam bahasa inggris khususnya buat teman kamu di luar negeri.
berikut contoh apologize letter atau surat permintaan maaf :


It makes me sad that I have to write a letter like this to you. But what ever happens to us I feel that I have to say something to you. Regardless from what happened on .. (time).

I realize that I’m wrong, and nothing can changes that. No matter what excuse I give, doesn’t changes the fact that I made a mistake. So I don’t want to make any excuses.

But one thing I want to say to you is I realize my mistake, I regret my mistake and I’m willing to learn from my mistake. Now the question is will you still gave me another chance?

God created mankind in His own image but with one big difference, we are not perfect. It is out duty in life to try to be as perfect as possible. Will you help me learn how to be more perfect by forgiving me and giving me another chance?

It is always harder try to fix something broken than just to throw it out of the window. Now I’m asking you to do the hard thing. Please don’t throw our relationship out just like that. I trully hope that you can forgive me.

jika teman kamu sudah memaafkan atas surat permintaan maaf bahasa inggris kamu. kini kamu sudah bisa bernafas lega dan ringan kaki untuk berangkat keluar negeri mengambil beasiswa pendidikan setelah sebelumnya mengajukan surat surat rekomendasi bahasa inggris kepada dekan kamu. tinggal menunggu balasan surat bahasa inggris tersebut sebelum memastikan kamu bisa kuliah bahasa inggris di luar negeri.

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  1. tolong di buat kan surat permohonan maaf dalam bahasa ingris. Suratnya untuk sahabat ku yang sangat ku cintai..


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