Percakapan Bahasa Inggris tentang Pekerjaan

Rima, Elsa dan Galih sedang asyik melakukan percakapan bahasa inggris tentang pekerjaan yang mereka impikan akan terwujud di masa depan. Setiap orang memimpikan suatu cita-cita untuk menjadi seseorang yang sukses dan hal ini identik dengan mendapatkan pekerjaan yang sesuai dengan cita-cita. Elsa bercita-cita menjadi seorang pengacara, Rima ingin menjadi menteri keuangan sedangkan Galih suka melukis dan berharap menjadi seorang seniman besar.

Percakapan Bahasa Inggris tentang Pekerjaan My Dream Job

[During break time at school’s canteen]
Percakapan Bahasa Inggris tentang PekerjaanRima : Huh? What book are you reading, Elsa?
Elsa : Oh… This is a book about law.
Rima : Umm, you seem to really enjoy your reading. Do you like law and something like that?
Elsa : Yes, I like everything that deals with law. I think when I go to college later I’m going to be law student. My dream is to become a well-known and professional lawyer.
Galih : A lawyer? What so good of being of a lawyer?
Elsa : I think being a lawyer is really cool for me. I can help people to deal with their law problems. I can give advices to people regarding the way out of their law issues or defend them in their lawsuit cases. Lawyer is also a prestigious profession. It’s not easy to be a lawyer. You need to take a long educational period to make you a true and dependable lawyer.
Galih : I heard that a lawyer makes a lot of money too. Ha ha ha.
Elsa : Ha ha ha. I think that could be one reason too. So, what do you want to be in the future, Rima?
Rima : My true goal is become a Ministry of Finance. I want to be a Bachelor of Economics. My Father is an accountant. He deals with corporation’s finance on his work. Maybe I will be an accountant first, then I will continue my study of Financial Management and I will walk on my career to be a first director of a corporation and keep struggling for my main goal to be the Ministry of Finance.
Elsa : Ministry of Finance? Whoa, what a goal to reach, Rima!
Rima : Yes, thank you, Elsa. So, what about you, Galih? What is your dream job?
Elsa : Um… I don’t know. Since I like arts, I think I’m going to be an artist.
Rima : An artist? Um, that’s quite cool for me. What makes you decide to be an artist as your dream job?
Galih : Yeah, as you see, I’m crazy about arts. Actually I love all kinds of art, especially fine arts. I love to paint and make sculptures or statues from woods, or wax. I want to be a great fine artist that is known by everybody. I want world to get amazed of al my art creations. I want to bring peace and happiness through my art creations. That’s really a great dream for me.
Rima : Your speech is really cool, Galih.
Elsa : You are terrific at fine arts, Galih. I’m sure you will reach your dream as world’s artist.
Galih : Thank you, Girls. I hope in the future you two can be the best Lawyer and Ministry of Finance for our country.
Elsa : Amiin for that!
Rima : Amiin… success for us all!

Glossaries Percakapan Bahasa Inggris tentang Pekerjaan

Dream Job: pekerjaan impian
Break time: waktu istirahat
Law: hukum
Seem: terlihat, kelihatannya
Deals with law: berhubungan/berurusan dengan
Well-known: terkemuka, terkenal
Professional: profesional
Lawyer: pengacara
What so good of being a lawyer?: Apa bagusnya menjadi pengacara?
Advice: nasehat
Regarding: tentang, terkait dengan
Way out: jalan keluar
Law issue: masalah hukum
Defend: membela
Lawsuit: perkara/tuntutan hukum
Prestigious: pertisius, bergengsi
Profession: profesi
Educational period: masa edukasi
True: benar, sungguhan, asli, sejati
Dependable: dapat diandalkan
Reason: alasan
Goal: cita-cita, tujuan
Ministry of Finance: Menteri Keuangan
Bachelor of Economics: Sarjana Ekonomi
Accountant: akuntan
Corporation: perusahaan
Continue: melanjutkan
Financial Management: Manajemen Keuangan
Walk on: menjalani
First main director: direktur utama
Keep struggling: terus berjuang
Artist: seniman
Crazy about: tergila-gila dengan
Actually: sebenarnya, sesungguhnya
Fine art: seni rupa
Paint: melukis
Sculpture: pahatan
Statue: patung
Wax: lilin
Get amazed: terkagum, terkesima
Art creation: ciptaan, karya seni

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