Contoh Percakapan bhs Inggris tentang Cuaca

percakapan bahasa inggris tentang cuaca menjadi perbincangan yang menarik antara Haris dan Yuni yang secara kebetulan terjebak di halte dan tidak bisa kemana-mana karena hujan belum berhenti. Hujan pada hari itu sungguh di luar perkiraan Haris bahkan tidak sesuai perkiraan cuaca yang disiarkan resmi di televisi dan internet. Cuaca akhir-akhir ini memang sulit diperkirakan dan mudah berubah-ubah. Dari percakapan bahasa inggris tentang cuaca ini menyatakan jika cuaca tidak menentu ini disebut dengan pola cuaca ekstrim.

Contoh Percakapan bhs Inggris tentang Cuaca – Today’s Weather

Contoh Percakapan bhs Inggris tentang CuacaHaris : [Sigh] Oh No, it is 03.00 PM already. And the rain doesn’t seem to be going to stop.
Yuni : Yeah. Fortunately we managed to find the nearest bus shelter on our way to take cover from the rain. If we didn’t we would have been completely soaked.
Haris : That’s right, Yuni. By the way, why is weather in Jakarta really unpredictable lately?
Yuni : Huh? What do you mean by unpredictable?
Haris : This morning I watched weather forecast program. The reporter said that today Jakarta would be cloudy all the day and without any possibility of raining.
Yuni : Maybe you got it wrong, Haris. Jakarta is divided into 5 different regions. And each of those regions usually has different weather forecast. We are in West Jakarta, so you might have watched the weather forecast besides of West Jakarta.
Haris : No, Yuni. I’m really sure it was a weather forecast for West Jakarta. Plus, I have another proof here. Here it is… I just browsed the internet to find out today’s weather forecast by using my mobile phone. See… it says that today would be cloudy. It doesn’t say any chance of raining today. Moreover, we should have been in drought season by this period.
Yuni : Wow, you look very serious with this weather problem, Haris.
Haris : Of course, Yuni. I have an appointment with my friend at 04.00 PM later. I need to go to his place then. Due to the weather forecast program on the TV I watched this morning; I decided not to bring an umbrella. So, if it’s still raining like this, I’m going to be really late to go there and wringing-wet.
Yuni : Oh, that’s too bad, Haris. Unfortunately I didn’t bring umbrella either. I suppose this is what is called extreme weather pattern.
Haris : Extreme weather pattern?
Yuni : Yes, extreme weather pattern. The factor of extreme weather pattern is the one that usually brings on unpredictability of weather patterns. You are right, Haris. As you can see, weathers lately are really unpredictable. When we woke up in the morning, the sky was really bright and blue. Suddenly, three hours later the sky went dark and the day rained in torrent.
Haris : That’s true.
Yuni : Few days ago, I was also tricked by the weather. That morning sky was really gloom, I thought that hard rain would come all day long, so I decided to cancel my outing plan. Unfortunately, the fact was that day didn’t rain and sky suddenly went bright.
Haris : I know what you felt, Yuni. Then the one who should be blamed is the weather forecast program! They told us wrong news.
Yuni : You’re funny, Harris. It’s just a forecast anyway, not an exact news.
Haris : But…
Yuni : All you can do now is praying. We pray for the rain to stop soon.
Haris : Alright then.

Glossaries (kosa kata) Contoh Percakapan bhs Inggris tentang Cuaca

Rain doesn’t seem going to stop: kelihatannya hujan tidak akan berhenti
Manage: berhasil
Bus shelter: halte bus
Take cover: berlindung
Soaked: basah kuyup
Unpredictable: tidak dapat diprediksi
Lately: belakangan ini
What do you mean by that? : Apa maksudmu dengan itu?
Weather forecast program: program ramalan cuaca
Cloudy: berawan
Possibility: kemungkinan
Get it wrong: keliru
Regions: wilayah
Besides of: selain
Browsed the internet: menjelajahi internet
Find out: mencari tahu
Mobile phone: ponsel
Chance: kesempatan/peluang
Moreover: terlebih lagi
Drought season: musim kemarau
Period: masa
Appointment: janji
In case of raining:
Wringing-wet: basah kuyup
That’s too bad: sayang sekali
Either: juga (negative form)
Suppose: mengira
Extreme weather pattern: pola cuaca ekstrim
Factor: faktor
Unpredictability: hal yang tidak dapat diprediksi
Rain in torrent: hujan lebat
Tricked: dikerjai
Gloom: suram, gelap
Hard rain: hujan lebat
All day long: sepanjang hari
Outing: tamasya

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