Contoh Percakapan Inggris tentang Perpustakaan

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Di tengah-tengah contoh percakapan inggris tentang perpustakaan ini, Lia dan dan Ronald tertawa terbahak-bahak yang tidak sengaja mereka lakukan. Di perpustakaan Lia sangat terkejut ketia melihat Ronald ada disana. Ya, tidak seperti biasanya Roland mengunjungi perpustakaan apalagi mencari sebuah buku untuk dibaca. Tapi menurut Lia hal itu sangat baik sekali bagi Ronald untuk berusaha belajar lebih giat lagi di bandingkan hanya bermain-main di sekolah. Contoh Percakapan Inggris tentang Perpustakaan di akhiri setelah Lia dan Ronald membawa buku pinjaman masing-masing dan dicatat oleh petugas perpustakaan.

Contoh Percakapan Inggris tentang Perpustakaan : Looking for Books at Library

Ronald : Where can I find books of sociology?
Librarian: It’s on the social science section back there.
Ronald : Thank you.
Lia : Huh? … Ronald? Is that you? What are you doing here in school library?
Ronald : Um?… Oh, hey there, Lia! What? You’re asking a strange question. Of course, I’m looking for some books to read.
Lia : Ha ha ha. No, it’s just rather unusual to see you in the library.
Ronald : Don’t tease me like that, Lia. I know it’s what an odd to see a person who never pays any attention to class like me being around looking for some books at school library like this [Showing sad expression].
Lia : Awh… um… I’m so sorry, Ronald. I don’t really mean my words to offend you. I was just surprised to see you here.
Ronald : Hahahahaha [Laugh out loud] don’t be so sorry, Lia. It was just acting.
Lia : Oh you, Ronald!
Librarian: Shussssssssh! [Shushing]
Lia : Whoa, we’re talking too loud, Ronald. It’s a library anyway [talks under breath].
Ronald : Okay, let’s lower our voices.
Lia : So, what brings you here?
Ronald : Don’t you remember back at the class? I got bad score for Sociology. Then Mr. Sutoyo asked me to do a Sociology-themed paper assignment if I want him to upgrade my score. He said that everything I need for this paper assignment is available in school’s library. So then I came here.
Lia : Oh I see. I think it’s good for you, so anything on your mind is not just playing without studying.
Ronald : Errrh…. You’re just talking like Mr. Sutoyo.
Lia : That’s right, Ronald. What if he doesn’t pass you to the next grade if you always fail at his subject because you have no intention to fix your scores?
Ronald : But…. Err…. Alright, you’re probably right. So, what kind of lesson book you are looking for or trying to read, Lia?
Lia : Um… I’m not interesting to read lesson books now. I’m looking for some novels.
Ronald : Novels? They have novels here at library?
Lia : Yeah, Ron. It’s not only lesson books you can find here. There are also some encyclopedias, magazines, bulletins, and newspapers.
Ronald : Okay, I never know that.
Lia : Have you found the books you’re looking for, by the way?
Ronald : Yep, I think these all would be enough.
Lia : Okay, let’s go to the librarian.

Librarian: Your student ID card, please. Alright, these books have to be returned in 14 days.
Lia : Thank you, Sir.
Ronald : Thank you.
Lia : Okay, Ronald, see ya! Good luck with your assignment!
Ronald : Thanks, Lia. Bye!

Glossaries Contoh Percakapan Inggris tentang Perpustakaan

Library: perpustakaan
Librarian: pustakawan, penjaga perpustakaan
Social science: ilmu pengetahuan sosial
Section: bagian
Rather: agak
Looking for: mencari
Unusual: tidak biasa
Tease: mengejek, mengolok
What an odd: sunnguh sebuah keanehan
Pay attention to: memperhatikan
Offend: menyinggung (perasaan)
Surprised: terkejut
Laugh out loud: tertawa keras
Shushing: husss! (menyuruh diam)
Talk under breath: berbisik-bisik dengan suara pelan
Sociology-themed: yang bertemakan sosiologi
Paper assignment: tugas karya tulis
Upgrade: menaikkan
Subject: mata pelajaran
Intention: niat
Fix: memperbaiki
Score: nilai
Not interesting: tidak tertarik
Encyclopedia: ensiklopedia
Magazine: majalah
Bulletin: bulletin
Student ID card: kartu identitas siswa
To be returned: dikembalikan

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