Testimonial 17 : Marthen Ballu “make my english better”

five years ago, I have opportunity went to USA. I stayed for two weeks in Refomed Bible College, and then moved to Am Way International Hospitel in Grand Rapids for a weeks. Here is my experience: before I letf Reformed Bible College, i said to the young lady, who prepared for our meal everyday :thank you for your service” she said nothing but she looked at me and smile. in my mind, I think that I just make some mistake. when I arrived Grand Rapids meet two lady’s and itold them that when say thank you for your service to the lady in another place, she smile. i think there is something wrong with my words. i think service is common meaning in my country, but it seems that this word have another meaning in your country. they tell me if you say thank you for your service it’s mean that she just do something to you like husband and wife. i felt so shame with my self and my english. that why i try to learn more english through this program. i understand that my english is to bad, but i have make commitment to my selt that i must try hard.
so thank you Mr. Teguh, you has help me to make my english better, although it’s just a litle progress
God Bless you


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