Percakapan Sederhana Bahasa Inggris Visit to Japan

percakapan sederhana bahasa inggris

visit to japan bisa Anda gunakan jika Anda tidak bisa berbicara dalam bahasa jepang karena orang jepang sangat sedikit sekali yang bahasa inggris. Umumnya hanya anak-anak muda yang bisa berbicara dalam bahasa inggris selain travel guide Anda tentunya. Orang jepang sangat menjaga tradisi termasuk bahasa sehingga ada baiknya jika berkunjung wisata ke jepang Anda belajar bahasa jepang meskipun hanya menguasai percakapan standar seperti perkenalan, sapaan, percakapan membeli barang di toko, bertanya arah dan lain-lain.

Percakapan Sederhana Visit to Japan

Contoh Percakapan Sederhana Bahasa Inggris Visit to Japan

Rahma : Hello, everyone! I’m home!
Mother : Oh, Rahma. You’re home already! Did you have trouble of going home? I’m sorry Dear, Father is not here to pick you up from the airport.
Rahma : It’s alright, Mom.
Delia : Whoaaa…! Big sister is home!
Rahma : Oh, hi there, Delia.
Mother : Hey, Dear, Delia. Can you take this juice to your big sister? She must be tired and need some cold drink.
Delia : Alright, Mom!

Percakapan Sederhana Bahasa Inggris - Visit to Japan

Mother : Thank you.
Delia : Here is your juice, Sis.
Rahma : Wow, thank you, Delia. I’m so thirsty anyway.
Delia : Now, let’s just tell me how Japan was, Sis! I have been looking forward to your coming since this morning.
Rahma : Ha ha. You really want to know?
Delia : Of course! I really want to go to Japan, so I can’t wait to hear your stories of your visit to Japan. Come on, Sis!
Rahma : Alright… alright, Girl… Well, it was really an exciting and lots-of-fun 4 days in Japan.
Delia : Did you come to any nice places?
Rahma : Of course, I visited many attractions for tourists in Japan.
Delia : Wow… What are they?
Rahma : First of all, I visited Tokyo, the Capital city of Japan. This is the place where the whole trip around Japan started out. The city was really awesome. Tokyo is a big city with a great population of people, but the city was really clean and regulated. I was amazed. I and my friend stayed in a less-expensive inn to save our cost.
Delia : Wow, Tokyo… and then?
Rahma : The next day, we went to Kamakura. This place was also the best. In Kamakura you can see one of Japan’s best collections of shrines, temples, and monuments. We saw the famous Great Buddha statue as well. Here is the photo… *Rahma shows her photos from her trip to Delia on her digital camera*
Delia : It’s awesome, Sis!
Rahma : Yeah. And then we proceeded to Kyoto. Kyoto is the source of many aspects of the Japanese culture as we know it today…. then we spent a night in Kyoto.
Delia : These photos are just awesome.
Rahma : Then… we came to the famous city of Hiroshima.
Delia : The destroyed city from World War II?
Rahma : That’s right. Today Hiroshima is a beautiful city. Now it is known for its Peace Park and Peace Memorial Museum. And then for the last day we went to Mount Fuji. It is the most famous and sacred mountain in Japan. It’s autumn now, so it was quite cold up there. Well… is it enough, Delia? We can go on with the stories later. I’m still tired so I would love to have some rest.
Delia : Yes! Thank you, Sis. Can I see these photos for a bit longer?
Rahma : No problem. Bye!
Delia : Japan is just awesome!

Glossaries (kosa kata) Percakapan Sederhana Bahasa Inggris – Visit to Japan

Pick you up = menjemput kamu
Big sister = kakak perempuan
Look forward to = menanti-nanti, menunggu-nunggu
Lots-of-fun = sangat menyenangkan
Attractions = tempat-tempat menarik
Regulated = teratur
Amazed = takjub
Less-expensive = tidak terlalu mahal
Inn = penginapan
Cost = biaya
Shrine = kuil, tempat suci
Temple = kuil
Proceed = melanjutkan
Famous = terkenal
Destroyed city = kota yang hancur
World War II = perang dunia II
Peace Park = Taman Perdamaian
Peace Memorial Museum = Musium Memorial Perdamaian
Autumn = musim gugur
Go on = melanjutkan, meneruskan
A bit longer (of time) = sedikit lebih lama lagi

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