Percakapan Menggunakan Bahasa Inggris tentang Keluarga

Percakapan Bahasa Inggris tentang Keluarga Lidia secara tak sengaja terjadi ketia Tia teman Lidia melihat album foto keluarga. Album foto ini memotret keluarga besar Lidia ketika Lidia masih kecil. Di Dalam foto ada foto orang tua, kakek, kakak dan adik, bibi dan anggota keluarga lainnya.


Percakapan Menggunakan Bahasa Inggris tentang Keluarga – Family’s Photo Album

Percakapan menggunakan bahasa inggrisTia : Hey, Lidia. Is this your family’s photo album? May I see it?
Lidia : Yes, sure.
Tia : Um…. Who is this little kid, Lidia? She’s so cute.
Lidia : Huh? Let me see…. Oh, Tia. Can’t you see it? It’s definitely me. It was me when I was 3 years old.
Tia : Ha ha ha. You look different when you grow up. And this people… must be your parents?
Lidia : Yeah. Those are my mother and father.
Tia : Your father wears police uniform? Is he a policeman?
Lidia : Yes, he is. And now he is on his duty out of the town.
Tia : And your mother?
Lidia : she is a teacher.
Tia : What does she teach?
Lidia : She teaches Geography.
Tia : Um, who are these people? Are they your siblings?
Lidia : Yeah, you are right, Tia. This big guy is Randi, he is my oldest brother. This beautiful girl is Fanya, she is my older sister. And these kids are Rio and Yuri, they are my younger brother and sister.
Tia : Oh ya, I have seen Rio and Yuri quite often. They go to the same school as my brother, Rasya, to Mekar Kusuma Elementary School, don’t they?
Lidia : Yes, your younger brother, Rasya also came over here to play with Rio and Yuri quite often.
Tia : Well… Um… In this photo, it looks like your oldest brother carrying his baby. Is he married already?
Lidia : Yeah, it’s only my brother, Randi who is married already.
Tia : Um…. Who are these people, Lidia? They must be your grandparents.
Lidia : Yes, they are parents of my mother.
Tia : Do they come over here a lot?
Lidia : Not really. Last time I saw my grandmother was on Lebaran’s days and my grandfather had passed away years ago.
Tia : Okay… What about your grandparents of your father’s family?
Lidia : My family didn’t visit them. They lived in Kalimantan. Unfortunately my father didn’t have enough time to take us there, so we couldn’t visit them on Lebaran’s days this year.
Tia : I see. Huh?… um…. I think I recognize this woman. Oh yeah! She is my junior high school teacher. Her name is Mrs. Latifah. Do you have any relation with Mrs. Latifah, Lidia?
Lidia : Wow, so you were Mrs. Latifah’s student then. Yes, she is my aunt. She is my mother’s older sister.
Tia : She is a really nice and kind teacher. I like how she taught the class. Is she a nice aunt, Lidia?
Lidia : Right, Tia. Just like you say she is a kind and tender-hearted auntie. When I was a little, she looked after me while my parents were working.
Tia : She is really a nice person.
Lidia : You have seen my family’s photo album, what about sometime I see yours?
Tia : Alright. You can come over my house sometime.

Glossaries (kosa kata) Percakapan Menggunakan Bahasa Inggris tentang Keluarga

Cute : lucu, menggemaskan, manis
Come often, come a lot: sering datang
Let me see: Coba saya liat
Definitely: pasti
Grow up: tumbuh dewasa
Policeman: polisi
He is on his duty: dia sedang bertugas
Out of the town: di luar kota
Geography: Geografi
Sibling: Saudara kandung
Oldest brother: Kakak laki-laki sulung/tertua
Older sister: kakak perempuan
Younger brother and sister: Adik-adik
Elementary School: Sekolah Dasar
…don’t they? : (question tag) …ya ‘kan? …betul ‘kan?
Look like: terlihat, sepertinya, kelihatannya,
Carry(ing): menggendong
Is he married already?: apa dia sudah menikah?
Pass away: meninggal
Visit: mengunjungi
Unfortunately: sayangnya
Recognize: mengenali
Junior high school: SMP
Relation with: hubungan dengan
Aunt/auntie: bibi
Taught (VII of Teach): mengajar
Tender-hearted: berhati lembut
Look after: mengurus, merawat

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