Kalimat Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Grandmother Conversation

Kalimat percakapan bahasa inggris grandmother conversation ini adalah contoh percakapan antara nenek dan cucu yang saling merindukan bertemu.

Kalimat Percakapan Bahasa Inggris (Grandmother Conversation) – Visiting Grandma’s House

Maya : Hello, Grandma! Are you home?
Grandma : Huh? Is that you my sweetheart, Maya?
Maya : Yes, Grandma. It’s me, Maya.
Grandma : Oh, what a nice time to see you! Huh? Who did you come here with? Did you come over here all by yourself, Dear?
Maya : No, Grandma. I came here with father. But he has just left. He couldn’t come over because he said he has work to do at his office.
Grandma : I see. Your father is always busy with his work…. Oh, my dear Maya. I have been missing you all this time. I’m so glad you can come here.
Maya : I miss you so much too, Grandma. I am sorry I always had no time to come over here. I have no school today, so I decided to come over your house.
Grandma : That is very nice of you, Dear. Come, come, I’m making some cupcakes and cookies. You’ll definitely like it.
Maya : Really, Grandma? Oh, I’m so glad I come at the right time.
Grandma : Oh look! I think the cupcakes and cookies are all ready. I will take them out of the oven.
Maya : Umm… cupcakes and cookies will be more delicious with some milk. Um, Grandma… Can I help you to get some milk and prepare the plates?
Grandma : Are you ok with that, Sweetheart?
Maya : It’s fine, Grandma.
Grandma : Very well. I’m taking this cookies and cupcakes into the table.
Maya : (Maya pours the milk into glasses for her and her grandmother and prepares the plates for the cupcakes and cookies) Alright, Grandma! The milk and plates are ready!
Grandma : Good job! Thank you, Dear.
Maya : Okay! I’ll have some!… Ouch! It’s still too hot, Grandma.
Grandma : Oh.. Are you okay, Sweetheart? I’m sorry I forgot to tell you the cookies are still too hot. They are just out from the oven. If you can’t wait until they get colder, you can have some of the cookies by dipping them into the milk. The milk will make them colder and tastier.
Maya : That’s right, Grandma! Yum, yum, umm, the cookie is nice with the milk!
Grandma : Yes, it is.
Maya : Um… Grandma, when you were still a little child, did your grandma make you some cookies as well?
Grandma : Yes, of course, Dear. She was also really good at cooking. Just like you, I came a lot to her place to have some foods she cooked.
Maya : Wow, your grandma was also amazing!
Grandma : Yes, Sweetheart. Umm… have you tasted the cupcakes?
Maya : Uh, Okay, I’ll have some!
Grandma : How is it?
Maya : Whoaa! The cupcake is also delicious! I’m really happy!
Grandma : heehee. I’m glad too.

Glossaries (kosa kata) Kalimat Percakapan Bahasa Inggris – Grandmother Conversation

Sweetheart/Dear = Panggilan sayang
(has) just left = baru saja pergi
Cupcakes = kue mangkuk
Cookies = kue kering
At the right time = pada saat/waktu yang tepat
Good job! = kerja bagus!
Get colder = menjadi dingin
By dipping (them) into = dengan mencelupkannya ke dalam
Good at cooking = hebat dalam memasak
Come a lot = sering datang


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