Conversation – Asking about and Describing objects

Asking for the object’s appearance and information, ungkapan dan kata-kata yang digunakan untuk bertanya tentang bentuk atau informasi suatu objek.
What does (the object) look like? = Seperti apakah rupa (benda itu)?
What is (the object) made of? = Terbuat dari apakah (benda itu)?
What is (the object) used for? = Digunakan untuk apakah (benda itu)?
What is (the object’s) color? = Berwarna apakah (benda itu)?
How big is (the object)? = Seberapa besar (benda itu)?
Can (the object) fly to the sky? = Bisakah (benda itu) terbang ke angkasa?
Is (the object) smooth when you touch it? = Apakah (benda itu) halus saat Anda menyentuhnya?
What is the name of (the object)? = Apakah nama (benda itu)?
Where did you see (the object)? = Dimanakah tadinya Anda melihat (benda itu)
Many more

Conversation - Asking about and Describing objects

Describing the object, ungkapan yang digunakan untuk menggambarkan suatu objek
It looks like a star = Rupanya seperti sebuah bintang
It is like a big car = Rupanya seperti sebuah mobil besar
It’s made of strong steel = Benda itu terbuat dari baja yang kuat
It’s made of wood = Benda itu terbuat dari kayu
It’s used for cutting big tree = Benda itu digunakan untuk menebang pohon-pohon besar
It’s used to clean the monitor = Benda itu digunakan untuk membersikan layar monitor
It could be used as self-defense weapon = Benda itu bisa digunakan sebagai senjata pertahanan diri (‘could be used as’ digunakan bila Anda tidak terlalu yakin benda tersebut digunakan untuk apa)
It is really huge = Benda itu sangat besar
Berikut ini contoh percakapan expression of Asking about objects

It’s an UFO!
Ferdi : Guys! Guys! Listen up! I have great news to tell you!
Yopi : Oh, really? I hope you are not coming with another lie anymore
Erlita : Wow, you look so serious. What kind of news is that?
Ferdi : Oh, please… I’m telling real news right now. Last night, I saw a mysterious flying object on the night sky. You may be familiar by calling it UFO
Yopi : See… here you go with your lies again
Erlita : UFO? Do you mean it’s like an alien’s spacecraft?
Ferdi : Yes…! Yes…! Oh, come on! I am not joking around, Yopi. It’s real. I saw it clearly with both of my eyes.
Erlita : Well, what did it look like?
Ferdi : Just like you’ve ever seen in movies, it looked like a spacecraft. It floated around the sky. There were many colorful lights on it.
Erlita : Did it move so fast? How could you see it with your bare eyes?
Ferdi : No, it didn’t move so fast. Therefore, I could see it clearly with my both eyes.
Erlita : Was it huge?
Ferdi : I am not really sure. But, I think it was a little bigger than a helicopter.
Erlita : Did it emit sound?
Ferdi : No, I guess. It was so silent.
Yopi : You could have been mistaken. Maybe it was an airplane. Did you use any tool to see it? Like telescope or binocular?
Ferdi : I am extremely sure that it wasn’t an airplane. I know exactly how an airplane looks like. It was really a different one. No, I didn’t use my binocular. It was clear enough to see with bare eyes.
Yopi : Did you take a photo of that flying object?
Ferdi : Unfortunately, when I was going to grab my digital camera, it disappeared.
Yopi : Well, with no strong proof I cannot fully believe in your story
Ferdi : Oh, come on, Yopi.
Erlita : I don’t know if it was a real UFO or not but you are lucky to see it, Ferdi.
Ferdi : Thank, Erlita. I wish I could see it again someday.

Vocabularies (kosa kata) Asking about and Describing objects

Listen up! = Dengarkan!
Lie = kebohongan, bualan (n).
You look so serious = Anda terlihat begitu serius
Mysterious = misterius (adj).
Flying object = benda terbang
Familiar = familiar, tidak asing (adj).
UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) = Benda Terbang Tak Teridentifikasi
Alien = makluk asing yang tinggal di luar angkasa (n).
Spacecraft = kapal luar angkasa (n).
Come on! = Ayolah!
joke around = bercanda (v).
Real = asli, sungguhan (adj).
Clearly = dengan jelas (advrb).
float = mengambang, melayang (v).
Colorful = penuh warna (adj).
Lights = lampu-lampu, sinar (n).
Bare eyes = mata telanjang
Therefore = oleh karena itu
Huge = besar sekali (adj).
A little bigger than… = sedikit lebih besar dari…
emit = mengeluarkan (v).
Mistaken = keliru (adj).
Airplane = pesawat udara (n).
Telescope = teleskop (n).
Binocular = teropong binokuler (n).
take a photo = mengambil foto (v).
Unfortunately = sayangnya
grab = mengambil (v).
disappear = menghilang (v).
Proof = bukti (n).
Fully = sepenuhnya (advrb)
believe in = percaya pada (v).
Someday = suatu hari (nanti) (advrb).

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