Contoh Percakapan Berbahasa Inggris tentang Dating Conversation

Contoh percakapan berbahasa inggris tentang kencan pertama kali antara Tony dan Ressa di sebuah kafe tentu akan membuat iri banyak orang. Waktu kencan pertama pasti begitu menyenangkan dan segala hal akan tampak disekitar mereka terlihat begitu indah.

Contoh Percakapan Berbahasa Inggris The First Date

[Tony and Ressa meeting up in a café for a first date]
Ressa : Sorry for making you wait. I wish you don’t get upset of my late.
Tony : It’s alright. It must be traffic jam, right? I wish I could pick you up from your house so you didn’t need to deal with the traffic jam.
Ressa : It really is okay. I’ve got used to this traffic jam problem.
Tony : Alright, have a seat! You must be tired. Here I have ordered your favorite fresh juice. You can drink it. I know it must have been so thirsty of being trapped by the traffic jam at this hot day.
Ressa : Yes, you are right. Huh? I can drink this? Oh, Thank you. Uh, It’s orange juice! I love orange juice. How do you know orange juice is my favorite?
Tony : Uh… um… you’ve ever said it to me once. Um… you look sweaty. I will get you some tissues then. *Tony’s face is suddenly blushing red*
Ressa : You don’t need to. I bring my own facial tissues. Thank you.
Tony : Um…. Alright then.
Ressa : By the way, have you ordered your food?
Tony : No, I haven’t. I have waited you so we can order foods at the same time.
Ressa : Well, that is so nice, Tony.
Tony : Hee hee hee. Okay, I’ll get the waiter – Um, Mr., I have decided our orders.
Waiter : What would you two like to order, lovebirds?
Tony : Um… um… I want a special chocolate toasted-bread.
Waiter : And you pretty lass?
Ressa : Uh!? Um….. I want a strawberry toasted-bread.
Waiter : Very well, please wait. Enjoy your time, lovebirds!
(Tony’s and Ressa’s faces are blushing red as they hear they were called ‘lovebirds’ by the waiter)
Tony : I feel funny to hear that we were called lovebirds
Ressa : Me too. Hee hee.
Tony : Oh! I’d like to give you something. I wish you like it. *Tony takes something out of his pocket*
Ressa : Oh, really? What is it?
Tony : Here it is *Tony shows a pretty necklace to Ressa* I want you to have this.
Ressa : Wow, it’s beautiful. I can really have this?
Tony : Yes. It’s special for you.
Ressa : Oh… Thank you, Tony. It’s really lovely.
Tony : I’m glad you are happy with it.
Ressa : I will always keep this beautiful necklace as a gift from you in our first date.
Tony : That’s great, and I hope we can still have other lovely dates together.
Ressa : Yes. I wish so.
Tony : Uh…. umm… Ressa… Do you mind if I call you ‘Dear’ from now on?
Ressa : *Ressa’s face is blushing* Umm… well… I think that would be fine.
Tony : *Tony smiles under happiness* Thank you, Dear.

Glossaries (kosa kata) Contoh Percakapan Berbahasa Inggris tentang Dating Conversation

Pick up = menjemput
Deal with = berurusan dengan
Get used to = terbiasa dengan
To blush red = bersemu merah (wajah)
facial tissues = tisu wajah
lovebirds = istilah untuk sepasang yang sedang jatuh cinta
toasted-bread = roti panggang
Lass = gadis
I feel funny = aku merasa aneh/lucu
from now on = dari saat ini

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