Kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris untuk Jenjang SD, SMP, dan SMA

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Buat adik-adik SD, SMP ataupun SMA yang ingin belajar Bahasa Inggris, bisa yuk sama-sama belajar disini. Nanti bakal ada kumpulan soal-soal yang bisa kalian jawab sesuai jenjang pendidikan kalian, beserta kunci jawaban di akhir.

Jadi kalian coba jawab sesuai kemampuan kalian dulu ya, baru nanti setelah selesai menjawab kalian bisa cek hasil jawaban kalian berdasarkan dengan kunci jawaban yang tersedia di akhir setelah soal.

Contoh Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris untuk Jenjang SD

Contoh soal UAS jenjang SD

Contoh Soal UAS Kelas 1 SD

  1. We eat using…
    a) Foot
    b) Hand
    c) Mouth
  1. “Cheek” in Indonesian language is…
    a) Kepala
    b) Perut
    c) Pipi
  1. “We have two ears” in Indonesian language is…
    a) Kita punya dua tangan
    b) Kita punya dua kaki
    c) Kita punya dua telinga
  1. “Ini adalah ibuku” in the English sentences is…
    a) This is my sister
    b) This is my mother
    c) This is my father
  1. “Gigi” in English language is…
    a) Eye
    b) Nose
    c) Teeth

Contoh Soal UAS Kelas 2 SD

  1. “do-like-chocolate-you-?” the correct order is…
    a) Do like chocolate you?
    b) Do you like chocolate?
    c) Do you chocolate like?
  1. “Dua belas” in English is…
    a) Twenty
    b) Two
    c) Twelve
  1. “Twenty” in Indonesian is…
    a) Dua
    b) Dua puluh
    c) Dua belas
  1. What number before eleven?
    a) Ten
    b) Nine
    c) Eight
  1. What number after ten?
    a) Twelve
    b) Ten
    c) Eleven

Contoh Soal UAS Kelas 3 SD

  1. “t-n-e-w-t-y-t-o-w” the correct is…
    a) Twenty two
    b) Twenty one
    c) Thirty one Two
    d) Thirty one
  1. What number after forty four?
    a) Forty five
    b) Forty six
    c) Forty seven
    d) Forty eight
  1. “Fifty nine” in Indonesian is…
    a) Empat puluh Sembilan
    b) Empat puluh dua
    c) Lima puluh dua
    d) Lima puluh Sembilan
  1. “55” what number is it?
    a) Fifty one
    b) Fifty three
    c) Fifty five
    d) Fifty seven
  1. “Ini adalah angka tiga puluh dua” the English sentence is…
    a) This is number three
    b) This is number thirty
    c) This is number thirty one
    d) This is number thirty two

Contoh Soal UAS Kelas 4 SD

  1. What the colour of this pen?
    a) Pulpen ini bagus?
    b) Pulpen ini punya warna?
    c) Pulpen itu warnanya apa?
    d) Pulpen itu warnanya bagus?
  1. Yesterday is Sunday, today is…
    a) Monday
    b) Tuesday
    c) Wednesday
    d) Thursday
  1. We celebrate the hero day on…
    a) November 10th
    b) August 17th
    c) May 2nd
    d) June 3rd
  1. Tomorrow is Wednesday, today is…
    a) Saturday
    b) Sunday
    c) Monday
    d) Tuesday
  1. “Red” in Indonesian is…
    a) Kuning
    b) Jingga
    c) Merah
    d) Putih

Contoh Soal UAS Kelas 5 SD

  1. “some-shoes-merry-has” the correct order is…
    a) Some shoes merry has
    b) Shoes some has merry
    c) Merry some has shoes
    d) Merry has some shoes
  1. “Ini adalah celana panjang” the English sentence is…
    a) This is a coat
    b) This is a skirt
    c) This is a trousers
    d) This is a shorts
  1. It is cold today. Miss Jane wears…when he goes to school.
    a) Pajamas
    b) Raincoat
    c) Jacket
    d) T-shirt
  1. “Jas hujan” in Indonesian is…
    a) Jacket
    b) T-shirt
    c) Pajamas
    d) Raincoat
  1. “Swimsuit” in English is…
    a) Jas hujan
    b) Kaos
    c) Piyama
    d) Baju renang

Contoh Soal UAS Kelas 6 SD

  1. “It is a half to six” the time in number is…
    a) 04.30
    b) 04.50
    c) 05.30
    d) 05.00
  1. “It is a half past ten” the time in number is…
    a) 09.30
    b) 09.00
    c) 10.30
    d) 10.00
  1. “Pukul delapan lewat sepuluh menit” the English sentence is…
    a) It is seven past ten
    b) It is seven past twenty
    c) It is eight past ten
    d) It is eight past twenty
  1. Josh plays from 10.00 to 11.00. John plays for…
    a) One hour
    b) Two hours
    c) Three hours
    d) Four hours
  1. The class begin at 07.00 am. and Bisha came to school at 07.05. She late for…
    a) One hour
    b) One minute
    c) Two minutes
    d) Five minutes

Contoh Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris untuk Jenjang SMP

Contoh Soal UTS jenjang SMP

Contoh Soal UAS Kelas 7 SMP

  1. Ailee: How do you do? It’s nice to meet you
    Bill: …
    a) Me too
    b) I You should be nice
    c) Do you?
    d) How do you do? Nice to meet you too.
  1. Fasya: I’m Fasya. How do you do?
    Terri: …. I’m Terri.
    a) Are you okay?
    b) How are you?
    c) How do you do?
    d) I’m fine
  1. He…handsome.
    a) Are
    b) Is
    c) Were
    d) Was
  1. Kim: I’m sorry, I broke your book pen.
    Dara: …
    a) I’m sorry
    b) Thank you
    c) Never mind
    d) Never forgive you
  1. I…studying English now
    a) Am
    b) Is
    c) Are
    d) Was

Contoh Soal UAS Kelas 8 SMP

  1. Jack: Will you help me to build a snowman?
    Elsa: Yes, sure…
    a) I won’t
    b) I will
    c) I shall
    d) Will I?
  1. Your car is very…
    The correct adjective to complete the sentence above is?
    a) Black
    b) Cheap
    c) Sweet
    d) Expensive
  1. She….book everyday.
    a) Reads
    b) Read
    c) Red
    d) Look
  1. Rudy: Do you like singing?
    a) Yes, I likes singing
    b) Yes, I don’t likes singing
    c) Yes, I like singing
    d) Yes, I liked singing
  1. What does Raisa do? She is a…
    a) Actor
    b) Actress
    c) Gamers
    d) Singers

Contoh Soal UAS Kelas 9 SMP

  1. …patient, please! He will be here in a few seconds.
    a) Do
    b) Does
    c) Please
    d) Be
  1. Kaila: Are you coming in Lika’s birthday party tonight?
    Lala: ….she has invited me. I haven’t got the invitation yet.
    a) Maybe
    b) Of course
    c) It’s possible
    d) Of course not
  1. …quiet please.
    a) Do
    b) Does
    c) Be
    d) Not
  1. …this book if you want to know the answer of question.
    a) Buying
    b) Selling
    c) Reading
    d) Using
  1. Example of sentence that uses to express of agreement is?
    a) I don’t think so
    b) I agree with you
    c) I don’t like it
    d) I’m not sure

Contoh Soal UN Bahasa Inggris untuk Jenjang SMA

Contoh Soal UN jenjang SMA

Contoh Soal UAS Kelas 10 SMA

  1. Ken: Lucy, this is my new friend, his name is Deny.
    Lucy: Hi Deny.
    Deny: Hai, Lucy….? Nice to meet you.
    Lucy: How do you do. Nice to meet you too.
    a) What are you
    b) Are you okay
    c) How are you
    d) How do you do
  1. Hanan:…?
    Ali: I’m 17 years old.
    a) How are you?
    b) Are you okay?
    c) How do you do?
    d) How old are you?
  1. Today is Monday, two day ago was…
    a) Saturday
    b) Monday
    c) Sunday
    d) Wednesday
  1. Rei:….My name is Rei.
    a) Let me introduce my self
    b) What is going on
    c) My hobby is
    d) What’s your name
  1. Jeni: Hi Rose. How do you do?
    a) Hi, how do you do
    b) How are you?
    c) I’m okay
    d) Hi, Jeni

Contoh Soal UAS Kelas 11 SMA

  1. Jeni: What do you think about my dress?
    Rose: I think…
    a) Thank you
    b) Let’s go
    c) No problem
    d) That’s great
  1. Alex: How do you think about this food?
    Bris: It is good. I’m satisfied.
    The underline expression expresses?
    a) Giving opinion
    b) Giving satisfaction
    c) Asking help
    d) Asking satisfaction
  1. Alex: How do you think about this food?
    Bris: It is really good. I’m satisfied.
    The underline expression expresses?
    a) Giving opinion
    b) Giving satisfaction
    c) Asking help
    d) Asking satisfaction
  1. Cindy: How’s your holiday in Jeju island yesterday?
    Lucy: Well, actually I didn’t enjoy it.
    The underline expression expresses?
    a) Giving opinion
    b) Giving dissatisfaction
    c) Asking help
    d) Asking dissatisfaction
  1. Jeni: What do you think about my dress?
    Rose: I think it’s great.
    The underline expression expresses?
    a) Giving opinion
    b) Giving satisfaction
    c) Asking help
    d) Asking satisfaction

Contoh Soal UAS Kelas 12 SMA

  1. ….get you something to drink?
    a) Should you
    b) Can you
    c) Can I
    d) How about
  1. ….like me to bring your books?
    a) Should you
    b) Can you
    c) I think
    d) Would you
  1. You would like someone to take a photo of you and all of your friends in front of a beautiful spot. Making a polite request for this situation.
    a) Hey you! Take some photo of us
    b) Can I take your picture?
    c) Can you take a picture of us?
    d) Can you bring us drinks?
  1. Would you like some juice? The respond of this is…
    a) Would you like some juice?
    b) I like juice
    c) Yes, thank you
    d) Please be quiet
  1. Example of polite request is…
    a) Can I…,please?
    b) Can you…,please?
    c) How are you?
    d) Please get out!

Nah sekian cukup segini ya, semoga ini bisa bermanfaat buat adik-adik semua. Tetap semangat belajar adik-adik, terutama belajar bahasa inggris yaa.

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